I use this site to practice writing.

What am i focused on now?

  • Being a dad. A 3yr old and 1yr old get most of my attention, outside of work.
  • Hacking on Chronicles. An open source journaling app. Between kids and work finding time for a side project is tough. But it's important to me, so it's still moving. An hour here and there, slowl but steady.
  • Writing more. Courtesy said journaling app, I write a lot. Every day. Journaling is great for unstructured writing, getting things off your mind, and leaving a trail for your future self to look back and remember. But I also want to improve at structured writing, and that's ultimately why this website exists.
  • Working through a machine learning book. ML is interesting, and on rare occassions where I have energy left in the tank, I read this book.

Written by @cloverich who lives and works in Austin, Texas. Email me if you want to say hi. I'd love to hear from you :)